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Hi, I'm Matt Hunziker. I'm Here to Help Put Your Perfect Purchase Together!


I think when people first see me they may think I'm a little intense, but only until they talk with me, and only because I move at a pretty fast pace. At DCH Paramus Honda there is always a lot going on and the dealership's popularity is a testament to how well we treat customers. My job involves jumping into the sales process with about a dozen of the Sales people to make sure that we build the perfect financial package for each customer. That may be a financing page, but oftentimes it a lease, through Honda finance. The work here is extremely gratifying and sometimes challenging, but there is something very special about buying a car. It's a huge thing and people are actually very moved by the experience. When everything comes together and I help them sit behind the wheel of their new DCH Paramus Honda it's an amazing feeling to see the gratitude in a customer's smile. I never, ever get tired of seeing such happy customers! Just like I never get tired of playing with my young son and spending time with him and my wife when I'm not at work. I still find a little time for sports - both playing and spectating. But mostly nonworking time is spent with my little boy... being a dad is the most amazing thing. Do I look like Adam Levine from Maroon5? People say I do. I love music. I listen to everything, and honestly, in this interview they asked about my saxophone playing days... but that was ages ago in high school... but whatever. It was fun when I did it... now I specialize in making the numbers play the right tune for all my customers here at DCH Paramus Honda, so I hope to see you when you come in. - Matthew

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