Hi, I'm Matt Hunziker. I'm Here to Help Put Your Perfect Purchase Together!

I think when people first see me they may think I'm a little intense, but only until they talk with me, and only because I move at a pretty fast pace. At DCH Paramus Honda there is always a lot going on and the dealership's popularity is a testament to how well we treat customers. My job involves jumping into the sales process with about a dozen of the Sales people to make sure that we build the perfect financial package for each customer. That may be a financing page, but oftentimes it a lease, through Honda finance. The work here is extremely gratifying and sometimes challenging, but there is something very special about buying a car. It's a huge thing and people are actually very moved by the experience. When everything comes together and I help them sit behind the wheel of their new DCH Paramus Honda it's an amazing feeling to see the gratitude in a customer's smile. I never, ever get tired of seeing such happy customers! Just like I never get tired of playing with my young son and spending time with him and my wife when I'm not at work. I still find a little time for sports - both playing and spectating. But mostly nonworking time is spent with my little boy... being a dad is the most amazing thing. Do I look like Adam Levine from Maroon5? People say I do. I love music. I listen to everything, and honestly, in this interview they asked about my saxophone playing days... but that was ages ago in high school... but whatever. It was fun when I did it... now I specialize in making the numbers play the right tune for all my customers here at DCH Paramus Honda, so I hope to see you when you come in. - Matthew


My Hours:   Monday: 9am-9pm
Wednesday: 1pm-9pm

All About Me

My Background

  • Years at DCH Paramus Honda:
  •   I have been with Honda for more than 10 years.

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    Family & Things I Like

  • On My Bucket List:
  • I would love to have the chance to travel to Europe, Australia and Hawaii.

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    Cars, Hondas and DCH

  • What I Like Best About :
  • I like the fact that Honda cars are the best quality cars you will ever see... they just work. Everything always works.
  • My Favorite Thing About DCH Paramus Honda:
  • Here at DCH Honda we have very unique, strong and good relationships with our fellow employees. This is very unique in the car business.

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    Advice for My Customers

  • My Favorite Part of Working with Customers at DCH Paramus Honda:
  • After everything comes together and a customer is so elated that they can't contain themselves - and they're so happy that they hug you!
  • Customers Love My Suggestions About:
  • A big basic evaluation is for a traditional finance purchase customer to take a good look at leasing. Oftentimes it's a better option. Also, when a customer wants to roll the taxes into the lease payment... this doesn't financially pay and needs an explanation.
  • What is Means to be a Professional:
  • I would like customers to become clients and see me as their consultant.

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    What's Been Going on With Me Lately...

    We don't get the chance to play too often, so when the time rolls
    around for the annual DCH Paramus Honda Golf Outing we really
    make sure we're all tuned up and ready to play!

    Here I am with several of the managers and sales associates
    from our store at this year's outing... it was a great day!!

    "At DCH Paramus Honda delivering customer happiness is what we do every single day. Stop by and let us help deliver your customer happiness too!"

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    Is it time for you to partner up with your Honda Sales Advisor & zero in on the new, or used Honda of your dreams? Call, email text or come by. I'm all set to help out!

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